The IO Difference

file-page3Providing quality patient care is the primary goal for organizations, necessitating significant resource allocation for patient-facing tasks. Facing shrinking margins, providers must consider ways to drive down back office costs in billing, medical transcription, coding, finance and accounting. In fact, a survey indicated 75% of CFO’s were looking outside their organization for staff augmentation. While cost reduction is the driving force behind outsourcing, there has been a significant shift in the quality of service provided.

At Infinit Healthcare, we believe in providing our clients with high quality solutions. Significant investment in our people has given them the tools to perform at the highest possible level while working for your organization.


We choose quality over quantity. At Infinit Healthcare, we provide a boutique level of service with the ability to scale up or down as needed. We aim to build loyalty by providing quality service solutions that drive growth and add value to your organization. Quality is never sacrificed because we value long-term relationships and exude “malasakit” (Filipino value of caring) in everything that we do.

We focus on progress so you can expect a consistent, personalized and flexible top-down team that works specifically to meet your needs. Our ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications are a testament to how we maintain our quality standards and develop new standards of excellence along the way. We are also Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliant and have our own Six Sigma certified teams



our team A team is built specifically for your organization. Our “hire-to-suit” recruitment model allows you to customize your team to fit the needs of your organization. This provides a seamless integration, and gives you the opportunity to have a hand in the construction of your team. Each team member works exclusively for you, with their only goal being the success of your organization. And you can participate in the final selection process of those team members.



At Infinit Healthcare, our culture is guided by our PRIDE values (Proactive, Results-oriented, Innovative, Dependable and Engaged). We utilize a five-stage selection process to ensure we hire the best. They go through sourcing and profiling, screening and selection, and background checks prior to being brought on, and then move into a rigorous onboarding process. Training and development is the key to continued success, and we are constantly looking to evaluate and improve. You have the opportunity to get involved in this process, and shape how your specific agents are trained, ensuring they continue to develop to meet the needs of your organization.

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