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medical it supportIn nowhere else is excellent outsourcing more essential than in healthcare. Health Practitioners and patients alike rely on Information Technology (IT) to make critical decisions that have lasting impact on the health and safety of both patients and practitioners. Medical IT support ensures that the information and systems necessary for these critical decisions stay robust.

Infinit Healthcare understands the monumental need for stable, reliable, high-quality medical IT support. Our system is built to the exacting standards of ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems certification. Medical IT Support requires fidelity to quality and complete confidentiality of patient information, and Infinit Healthcare has the capacity to meet both.

We regard your medical IT support needs as unique situations and examine the particulars in order to ensure that the right service and benchmark of quality are applied. Through Six Sigma methodology, we identify your requirements in order to provide outstanding, custom-tailored medical IT support.

Infinit Healthcare uses the most robust architecture and systems in providing medical IT support. The hardware, software, and networks we use are simple yet highly effective, extinguishing the need for any additional investments in new, potentially expensive systems. Our system architecture stays reliable in the face of whatever medical IT support you may need, whether it be accurate and organized medical coding, swift and efficient medical billing, or worry-free finance and accounting outsourcing.

Infinit Healthcare knows that confidentiality is one of the most important concerns of our medical IT support clients, and we work to ensure that any information that passes through Infinit Healthcare stays under virtual lock and key. To that end, we have provided state-of-the-art facilities for our operations with 24/7 security, as well as CCTV surveillance with live monitoring. Our networks have level-dependent restricted access to ensure information flows only within a need-to-know basis. Our firewalls and sophisticated antivirus software are constantly up-to-date to ensure the integrity of our systems.

Infinit healthcare has also been awarded ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management Systems certification so our clients are assured in the knowledge that our policies and procedures are to built on an extraordinary standard, appropriate for critical outsourcing services such as medical IT support.

That said, robust and efficient nature of Infinit Healthcare’s secure infrastructure is nothing without our superior human resources. At Infinit Healthcare, we pride ourselves in having the most competent, motivated, and proactive team members, all ready to provide excellent medical IT support services to you. We pay higher than standard rates in order to attract only elite candidates, who are then screened through a stringent five-stage process in order to further select the cream of the crop. They are then provided extensive training according to specific needs of our clients.

Infinit Healthcare understands that medical IT support has a human and technological element, both of which need to be at the peak of their capabilities to provide the most positive impact on both patients and practitioners. As such, we reinforce the necessary values in our team members to ensure that they are aligned with the strategic goals of our clients, and are fully capable of delivering a result-oriented, yet compassionate outsourcing service.

With Infinit Healthcare, our clients are and always will be number one.

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