ROI Assessment

Our Return on Investment (ROI) Tool helps decision makers like you estimate the ROI on your outsourcing projects. This assessment will provide you a comprehensive but easy-to-use tool for calculating the probable ROI on the outsourcing effort you are considering. The tool considers current and future costs for both your present method of operation and outsourcing, the value of client retention, and the value of improvements in productivity. It will also help you understand the net cost savings and other benefits you can get from a quality outsourcing project.

The entire process consists of a four-step process as follows:

Step 1: Determine Outsourcing Goals

Step 2: Estimate the value of Customers

Step 3: Assess the possible benefits of outsourcing

Step 4: Estimate the financial impact of outsourcing

This model is designed to be a planning tool only. Further work may be required to develop a business case, if one is required.

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