Robert N. McEwan

Robert McEwanRobert (Bob) McEwan has over 30 years of experience in the fields of biological sciences and healthcare. Through his research in government, academia and the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. McEwan has worked in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, immunology, transplantation and biochemistry where he authored over twenty-five publications and presented at numerous national meetings.

After leaving research Mr. McEwan became outreach director and later Administrative Director of the Comprehensive Transplant Center at Johns Hopkins.  In 1999, seeing a need for a safety net to provide medications for patients that couldn’t afford them, Mr. McEwan started MEDBANK of Maryland, Inc. which later became a statewide program.  This program provided access to medications to over 50,000 underserved patients throughout Maryland and delivered over $150 Million in free medications.  The program was replicated from Maryland to Hawaii.

Recently Mr. McEwan joined Infinithealthcare where he is a Senior Advisor providing access to fully trained nurses and other skilled employees in the Philippines, remotely; keeping the quality up and the cost of healthcare down.  He continues his nonprofit mission at HarborPath where he is Technology Director helping provide access to HIV and Hepatitis C medications to the underserved.

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