What’s Up in Healthcare (September 21-28)

What’s Up in Healthcare (September 21-28)

From hackers to nurses, we round up some of the juiciest articles this past week about healthcare. You may be interested to know who might be looking at your personal records!

Here’s the newest on healthcare:

Looking To Transform Healthcare? – Ask a Nurse

From Forbes

By Robert J. Szczerba (@RJSzczerba)

If we want to fix or improve something, in general, we have to consult someone directly involved. When it comes to healthcare, there’s no one more appropriate to ask other than a nurse.

Nurses are regarded as the “Face of Healthcare” according to Robert. The cost-efficiency and quality of healthcare clearly depend on the front runners- nurses.

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Your Medical Record is Worth More to Hackers than Your Credit Card

From Reuters

By Caroline Humer (@CarolineHumer) and Jim Finkle (@jim_finkle)

Hackers already had 4.5 million victims of stolen personal information, and medical records were their number one target.

It is highly unlikable for a hacker to go into an account and leave empty-handed. The surprising thing is that they may not be looking for your credit card information; they’re actually hunting for your healthcare records! The percentage of healthcare organizations that have been breached has risen to a significant percentage in 2013, according to an annual survey stated in the article.

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Mary Washington Healthcare Picks New CEO

From Fredericksburg.com

By Amy Umble (@aumble)

Mary Washington Healthcare is a non-profit organization of two hospitals and 28 healthcare facilities. It is the biggest healthcare organization on its vicinity, and guess what? Mary Washington Healthcare has a new face.

Dr. Micheal McDermott, a 48-year-old radiologist, was just appointed as the incoming CEO of Mary Washington Healthcare. Dr. McDermott has a pretty nice portfolio under his coat, and is proven to be the most fitting candidate for the position.

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Who Will Be The Netflix Of Healthcare?

From Information Week

By David F. Carr (@davidfcarr)

At this point, we are all aware of the great phenomenon that is Netflix. First off, it replaced video-store movie rentals with a delivery service, something never seen before on a national scale. Next, it introduced video streaming through the advancement of technology, making the distribution of entertainment easier. Well, do you imagine the same for healthcare?

Tech Establishments is seeking to institute a direct association with the healthcare consumer, which is technically the goal. The goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare practitioners and consumers, and we could be nearing that phase.

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In Evolving Healthcare Business Model, Tech Plays Vital Role

From CIO

By Brian Eastwood (@brian_eastwood)

“Technology plays an important role on a number of levels, from consumer health applications and patient portals to analytics and electronic health record (EHR) systems” as stated in the article.

In an ever-so-changing generation, where fast-paced and social is always the better choice for businesses, healthcare among any others have to join in on garnering tech’s benefits. Modern Healthcare uses Data and Analytics, which require much work from IT and Tech departments. Fools are those who think otherwise.

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Written by Infinit Healthcare

Infinit Healthcare’s content team consists of regular blog contributors who writes topics about outsourcing and its relation to the Healthcare Industry.

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