What’s Up in Healthcare (October 5 – 11, 2014)

What’s Up in Healthcare (October 5 – 11, 2014)

This week, let’s focus on a very important advancement in healthcare that may literally prevent us from catching the most horrifying diseases, Big Data. How you ask? Can it prevent us from getting the notorious Ebola virus?

Here’s the newest on Healthcare Data.

How Retail Clinics Are Using Digital Health to Expand Healthcare Reach

From Nuviun

By Jof Enriquez, RN (@jofenriq)

Retail Clinics have been very rampant this year. In the United States, The retail healthcare space flourished, increasing the number of clinics to 20% and is estimated to be around 1,700. This means that one-third of Americans live within a 10 minute of a clinic.

What does this mean for hospitals? Partnerships. With that, people have more access to healthcare, which then leads to better monitoring of health conditions and data.

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Why Doctors Must Understand Big Data

From Government Health IT

By Mike Millard (@MikeMiliardHITN)

Robert Wachter is a writer, a pioneer of the hospitalist field, an Associate Chair of the Department of Medicine at University California San Francisco, and plays an important part in the growth of the Society of Hospital Medicine in healthcare space.

How did he help the hospitalist specialty into what it is today? What are his thoughts on Primary Care Doctors? And why should healthcare practitioners care about Big Data? All these questions were answered by this amazing interview.

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Healthcare Big Data Debate: Public Good Vs. Privacy

From InformationWeek

By Jeff Bertolucci (@jbertolucci)

There are loads of risks coming in whenever we speak of Big Data. There are breach possibilities, hacking, and information theft. However how will all these bad effects compare to the benefits of Big Data?

The question of being secured is highly brought-up and the bad may very well out-weigh the good in some predicaments. This is a very informative article, and you don’t want to miss reading this.

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Mac McMillan: It’s Time to Get Serious about Healthcare Data Security

From Healthcare Informatics

By Mark Hagland (@MarkHagland)

Last Monday was an important day for the healthcare data space, as the “Health Information Executive’s Guide to Cyber Security: A CHIME LEAD Forum Event in Collaboration with iHT2” event went on. Mac Mcmillan, the president and CEO of CynergisTek, and also the current chair of the Privacy and Security Committee within the Chicago-based Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society gave a very fervent speech on the threats to healthcare data.

His talk was devoted to the idea that as the technology progresses, it is a need to enhance the security as well. He stated the threats and the severe cyber security incidents in America. He clearly insists that it is a must to be sterner about the implementation of data security, a must.

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Ebola Hits U.S. Shores… Tech to the Rescue?

From Wall Street Daily

By Marty Biancuzzo (@MartyB_WSD)

Did you know that Big Data helped stop the spreading of SARS Epidemic and flu outbreak?

In the same way, Big Data can be used to help stop the widespread of Ebola. Technology and Big Data are very useful when it comes to tracking and monitoring, and they can be used to track people who are infected. Can you say, the Ebola “Heat Map”?

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