What’s Up in Healthcare (Nov 2 – 8, 2014)

What’s Up in Healthcare (Nov 2 – 8, 2014)

What does the future hold for healthcare? We saw a glimpse of the incoming years with the articles we have today, and we are extremely excited for the future.

Here are the newest articles you need to read regarding healthcare.

What Tuesday’s Elections Mean for Healthcare

From Modern Healthcare

By Paul Demko (@MHpdemko)

After the elections, there will be much anticipation on the outcome and healthcare will take its toll depending on who wins the seats. Significantly, we will be looking at what the future holds for Obamacare.

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Medical HealthCare: Energy Drinks Side Effects

From Diagnoziz

98 bottles of energy drinks are being sold every second, 4.8 billion liters consumed globally. Is this a good thing?

It may be important to know that the main active ingredient is caffeine, and it is not recognized by the FDA as “Energy Drinks” but regarded as “Dietary Supplements”. High caffeine intake may lead to a series of physical disorder such as palpitations and migraine. It may claim to improve physical performance or lower your blood pressure, but these claims have no scientific and medical backing. Be careful, you should think twice before downing that bottle.

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10 Ideas that are about To Revolutionize Medicine

From Business Insider

By Erin Brodwin (@erbrod)

Erin shoots a disclaimer that shatters your childhood thoughts of the future, “No, we’re not talking about robot surgeons, implantable memory-augmentation devices, or doctors wearing Google Glass”. However, Erin reveals 10 ideas that may brighten up your vision for the future.

How does a vaccine for Dengue sound? Or saying goodbye to needles drawing a ton of blood? The medical field will look like a goldmine of medical advancements and discoveries. There’s a lot to look forward to, and we cannot wait.

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