Top 5 Blogs for the Business of Healthcare

Top 5 Blogs for the Business of Healthcare

Credible healthcare blogs are quickly becoming the standard online source of relevant information on the newest trends in the medical industry. Students and professionals alike turn to these blogs to stay abreast in the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of healthcare and healthcare management solutions as well.

The great thing about blogs is that they are created by people yearning to share their experiences to those who would greatly benefit from first-hand accounts of unique healthcare activities conducted during different situations. These blogs can be personal websites of family doctors or brand-name news sources discussing healthcare policies, among others.

For many years now, healthcare blogs have been invaluable for everyone in the healthcare industry. Some blogs even integrate a unique combination of facts, editorial expertise, and distinct voice. Not only do these blogs provide reliable information—they entertain, inspire, and encourage healthcare students and professionals to get involved too.

Below is a list of healthcare blogs we believe are capable of these and more.

Power Your Practice

Power Your Practice is dedicated to providing expert advice regarding medical practice management strategies, sharing the latest industry news, insider tips, and responses to healthcare FAQs.

The blog also provides physicians and practice managers with in-depth instructions on ways to make their practices more efficient and profitable. There is a broad range of topics including cloud-based practice management, writing effective collections letters, valuable tips for onboarding a new staff member, and many more.

John Goodman’s Health Policy

This highly informational healthcare blog is written by the president, and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), John Goodman. Since the NCPA is an organization that “develops and promotes free-market reforms in healthcare, taxes, retirement, education, energy and the environment,” this blog focuses on health reform, healthcare quality, and costs.

The Incidental Economist

The Incidental Economist features a diverse range of professionals—from physicians, economists, and even policy professors. This blog is mainly about the U.S. healthcare system and its organization, which provides in-depth information on how the system works, how it fails, and what must be done about it.

The blog also claims that by avocation and as bloggers, people in charge of The Incidental Economist actively try to understand the healthcare system and develop strategies on how it can further improve. Its goal is to help even those outside the industry to understand what goes on in healthcare, as well as to empower them with research-validated information for them to become well-versed in the reform.

Modern Healthcare

This renowned blog is published by the equally famous publication Modern Healthcare. It covers a diverse range of topics including the business side of healthcare, the relevant issues encountered by practitioners and policymakers, and recent changes in the healthcare system. It’s a great channel to consider with relation to becoming up-to-date.

Wachter’s World

Written and managed by Dr. Robert Wachter, a professor and associate chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, this entertaining blog focuses on the policies and practice issues concerning doctors, nurses, and patients—in actual hospitals and clinics.

Dr. Wachter is also chief of the UCSF Medical Center’s medical service, chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine, and a national advocate for patient safety.

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Written by Infinit Healthcare

Infinit Healthcare’s content team consists of regular blog contributors who writes topics about outsourcing and its relation to the Healthcare Industry.

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