Top 3 Affordable Care Act News This 2015

Top 3 Affordable Care Act News This 2015

With news of widespread outages that threatened to keep some 500,000 citizens from signing up in time for the Feb 15 midnight deadline, updates on the Affordable Care Act was front and center in American news sites this past week. Although the glitch that prevented people from having their income verified has since been smoothened out, along with widespread extensions implemented to accommodate more enrollees, Obamacare, as the Affordable Care Act is oftentimes called, continues to dominate headlines today. Here are three of the highlights:

  1. White House Says Obamacare Sign-ups in 2015 Enrollment Top 11 million

by Tessa Berenson

The biggest number of enrollees was said to have been on the final day, where Feb 15 was the biggest open enrollment day for new consumers, both this year and last year. In the last nine days along, more than one million people enrolled for the private care health coverage.

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  1. U.S. deciding whether to extend Obamacare enrollment

by Reuters

Because those who missed the enrollment deadline for the Affordable Care Act will face financial penalties once they file their taxes in April this year, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell stated that they are considering opening another enrollment period.

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  1. Businesses Find Costs of Affordable Care Act No Big Deal

by Michelle Fay Cortez and Alex Wayne

The Affordable Care Act has proven to be a divisive issue among commentators like economist Stephen Moore, claiming that it will raise fiscal budget spending by as much as 8.2 percent, and the budget deficit in worse shape than before. But around business circles, it appears that it is “barely causing a ripple in corporate America”.

Read more about this here.

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