Medical Billing Companies Take Measures to Keep Up with Market Demands

Healthcare outsourcing may have already established its presence in the outsourcing sphere but as we have previously mentioned, the outsourcing industry is an ever-changing business and companies are always keeping up with the evolving market demands; even medical billing companies are not excluded from this. It is now important for companies to think of ways on how to better connect with their customers and clients. With the growing population of companies providing almost the same kinds of services and products, the competition is tighter today as compared before, which is why companies must take new measures on how to stay ahead of, or keep up with, the competition. It is also important for companies to stay informed of improvements or changes in the industry for them to be able to know which measures need to be taken.

A medical billing company in Virginia, United States rolled out an online newspaper which can serve as a new source of industry information for professionals and those who are interested to learn more about the topic. Capture Billing & Consulting, Inc.’s Medical Billing and Coding News uses different media outlets in aggregating news and information about medical billing and coding. This effort by the US-based medical billing company stemmed from the desire to push for awareness on medical billing and coding news. Such actions taken by Capture Billing & Consulting, Inc. are a little less conventional than what the market is used to hearing about when it comes to monitoring the industry and gauging the movement in the industry because instead of aggregating information for their own use, they use the aggregated content to share with other industry players.

Aside from publishing online newspapers, there are other ways as to how healthcare outsourcing solutions providers and healthcare accounting companies are trying to keep up with the changing market demands.

US-based ACOM Health Inc. made an announcement last July that it has acquired Contract Medical Billing. According to the president and COO of ACOM Health Inc., Patrick McMahon, their company has been on the lookout for a medical billing company for a couple of years now and that they are looking for a company whose capabilities can match the level of service their customers are familiar with. With the acquisition, ACOM Health Inc. has expanded its service offerings to the market, now including outsourced billing services in addition to their software products for healthcare services, such as electronic health records.

Another remarkable point for the medical billing industry would be when Zotec Partners, a provider of medical billing solutions, and practice management and Radiology Information Systems software, announced that its billing services contract with Virginia-based Medical Center Radiologists has been extended for another five years. The contract extension was granted by Medical Center Radiologist because of the combination of the software and services offered by Zotec Partners.

With more companies seeking the assistance of a company that has both software and services to offer the market, it seems that ACOM Health Inc. is on the right track.

Written by Jeff De Jesus

Jeff De Jesus

With his exposure to the outsourcing industry since 2003, Jeff was able to share and implement his leadership insights with respect to managing business process accounts, particularly in the healthcare department. Jeff has also taken part in assessing the fundamentals of the company’s operational processes, utilizing his experience as an Operations Manager across different verticals, identifying and executing methods that can improve the quality of workflow in the company. Jeff’s experience is not only limited to the Healthcare solutions as his capability in handling Customer Support is also mirrored in the successes that the company has achieved.

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