Get complex insurance information to clients with contact center services

Get complex insurance information to clients with contact center services

If there’s one industry in which customers are always going to need some sort of live support, it is the insurance industry.

Particularly in regard to health insurance, policies are often full of complex legal jargon that can be difficult for the average person to understand. Insurers rely heavily on the ability to clearly communicate the benefits of their plans as a way to maintain customer satisfaction and reach new clientele. Even the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently unveiled a revamped call center and information website for its own insurance services out of a need to better communicate crucial information to citizens.

For decades, insurance companies have relied on call centers as one way to offer their customers open access to representatives when they have questions and inquiries about their complex policies. But as behavior trends move toward a variety of technologies such as email, instant messaging and social media – in addition to phone communication – insurance companies can benefit from shifting their call center services to a full-scale contact center outsourcing company.

General customer support
According to the industry news website Insurance and Technology, customers often want to maximize their health insurance benefits but don’t know exactly how to do so on their own. The ability to engage in direct communication through a contact center representative not only connects customers with insurance policy expertise, it can even help patients connect with care programs before their health problems worsen. Additionally, an advanced contact center service can provide access to valuable business intelligence and data management software that can streamline the overall customer experience. As health insurance companies and care providers in the U.S. scramble to reduce costs in the wake of the of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, sometimes known as “Obamacare,” access to comprehensive patient data can boost the efficiency of the health care delivery process.

Managing safety concerns
Privacy is a major issue in the health care industry. While many insurance companies may be reluctant to allow customers the ability to easily access important insurance policy and health care information through contact center channels, there are a variety of safety measures both outsourcing companies and insurance providers can implement into the contact center service. For example, Insurance and Technology said robust identity verification services can help reduce the risk of information leaks. Contact centers and insurers can also perform the necessary due diligence prior to the purchase and implementation of new technologies as a way to ensure a full understanding of potential security risks.

Written by Al Pangan

Al Pangan

Al, having almost a decade of experience in the outsourcing industry, brings to the company an expertise in handling and implementing strategies for corporate and resource development. Al started his participation in the industry as a Customer Support agent for international BPO company in 2003 and continued to stay in the field of outsourcing, learning its ins and outs. Al’s extensive experience has a major contribution in paving the way for Infinit-O to offer Research services to its clients. Al was awarded a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship, which is one of the prestigious scholarships in the Philippines, upon entering the University of the Philippines.

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