Alternative Career Paths for Unemployed Nurses in the Philippines 2013 (Infographic)

Over the years, the nursing profession has become a very popular choice among Filipino incoming college students. It has incited hopes of easily getting a job abroad and making it big in a rich, foreign country. We’ve seen the escalation of nursing schools in every city in the country. Employment agencies are also boasting of job openings for different healthcare professionals who want to move to a greener pasture.

However, government regulations from host countries, like U.S. and Saudi Arabia, have made a big impact on the demand for nurses and other healthcare professionals abroad, such that thousands of Filipino registered nurses are left hanging, waiting, and unemployed.

Here are some interesting facts on the supply and demand of Filipino nurses, where, the supply clearly overshadows the demand. More and more nursing graduates and registered nurses are forced to take a different path because of the lack of job openings in their chosen degree.

  • The Philippines has produced over 1,000,000 nursing graduates since 2001.
  • Out of those nursing graduates, 482,418 nurses passed the boards and are now Registered Nurses.
  • From June 2010 to June 2013, 59.73% of the board takers failed, and 40.27% passed.
  • Board passers or not, that means we still have a total of 468,373 Nursing Graduates since 2010.

What are the alternative jobs for nurses?

Good news to the nurses: clinical jobs are not the only career options for you. Here are alternative career paths for both Registered Nurses and Nursing Graduates who are not board passers.

  • Medical Transcriptionist – Transcribes and converts voice-recorded medical reports into text formats.
  • Medical Writer – Writes and edits different types of HIM documents such as newspaper and magazine articles, educational materials, marketing collaterals and research & regulatory reports.
  • Telehealth Specialist – Delivers and facilitates health-related services and communication through information and telecommunication technologies.
  • Medical Consultant – Provides advice that help professionals and companies in the healthcare industry make financial, operational and technical business decisions.
  • Medical Sales Representative – (Also known as Med Reps) Handles sales accounts of medical and pharmaceutical companies that sell medicines, prescription drugs or medical equipment.

These alternative careers for nurses may not be clinical but require expertise from medical professionals. If you’re a nurse and you want to pursue a different path that pays well and is aligned with your college degree, Health Information Management is a thriving new industry that you should consider being a part of.

If this interests you, here are 7 things you need to know about Health Information Management.

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