Healthcare Outsourcing: Offshore or Nearshore?


Offshore outsourcing is best for systems and tasks that do not require full real-time collaboration. Medical billing and coding, medical transcription, IT management and consulting, healthcare application development are good tasks to offshore. With the right partner you can get valuable services at a lower cost compared to onshore and nearshore providers.

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Outsourcing vs In-Sourcing: Which is Cost Effective for Healthcare?

Healthcare Outsourcing

One of the biggest challenges that HCOs face is to comply to cost regulations while maintaining quality of service. While outsourcing can provide feasible solutions, it isn’t not for every healthcare organization. Costs are not the only determining factor in making a decision on whether to outsource or leverage in-source.

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How Healthcare Analytics Technology Can Improve Patient Care Quality

Patient Care

Healthcare Analytics is the change the medical industry needs to improve patient care and treatment. Through analytics, physicians and health care providers will be able to gather data they need to provide better prognoses of illnesses and therefore, provide better medical treatment and recommendations.

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What Benefits Can Hospitals Get from Healthcare Automation?


Even as automation has become part of our daily lives and an integral part of operations in various industries, it is still lagging significantly when it comes to healthcare. As staffing outages continue to grow significantly each year along with an aging population that increasingly needs health care, applying automation to some health care operations is going to be a necessity.

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Doc Mellhorn and the Pearly Gates ‘He was Just a Good Doctor and He Knew Us Inside Out’


The doctor, in this case reminded me of ‘ol Doc Frazier,’ our family physician who was like Doc Mellhorn in every respect, including the occasional house call. It was at a time when there weren’t many prescriptions to give and Doc Frazier’s words and hands conveyed all the confidence we needed to get better.

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