What’s Up in Healthcare (October 18-25, 2014)


Is healthcare burning a hole in your pocket? It would be great to know why it costs that way, right? And have you ever noticed how Canada’s healthcare system is structured to succeed in all its objectives? Here’s the newest and most interesting on healthcare.

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Is it Time to Outsource Revenue Cycle Management?


When a healthcare organization decides to outsource their revenue cycle management, they are provided to reduce their business overhead and improve cash flow because of increased efficiency in data gathering and billing collection. This allows them to focus on delivering quality patient care.

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Big Data in the Healthcare Industry [E-Book]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Big Data in the Healthcare Industry

If you are looking for a great resource to help you learn more about how Big Data is used in the Healthcare Industry, download and read this FREE e-book now!

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month: How to Safeguard Against Healthcare Data Breaches


October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and with the recent shift towards electronic records and the use of big data, healthcare providers need to fortify data security to safeguard against data breaches. The recent Healthcare.gov web site hacking is an example of why healthcare organizations should not only have a data security plan but also a breach plan

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What’s Up in Healthcare (October 5 – 11, 2014)


This week, let’s focus on a very important advancement in healthcare that may literally prevent us from catching the most horrifying diseases, Big Data. How you ask? Can it prevent us from getting the notorious Ebola virus? Here’s the newest on Healthcare Data.

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12 Must-Read Healthcare IT Blogs


Whether you’re a healthcare provider, a medical professional, or just simply a healthcare enthusiast, it’s important to be updated on the latest news and issues related to healthcare information technology. Here is a list of some of our favorite healthcare IT blogs for everyone looking for news, analysis, and valuable guidance in the intersection of medicine and technology.

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