What Healthcare Organizations Can Learn from the HealthCare.Gov Hacking

Healthcare.gov Hacked

The White House has confirmed that there was a breach on a HealthCare.gov test server recently. And while it has maintained that no personal records were affected or stolen, the breach will likely have a ripple effect in the healthcare industry; its repercussions felt across almost all medical organizations.

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Healthcare and Hospital CEOs Dominate 100 Most Influential People of Healthcare 2014


Bernard Tyson, Kaiser Permanente’s President and CEO, is the second most influential leader in healthcare by Modern Healthcare magazine and the highest-ranking figure from the private sector. US President Barack Obama ranked first.

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Only 69% of Healthcare Organizations Have a Breach Plan – Are You Secured?

Healthcare IT Security

The recent data breach on CHS brings to spotlight how healthcare organizations, despite increasing advances in technology and its dependence to it for their operations, are still too lax on IT security. There are ways to protect healthcare’s IT systems against security breach. We have outlined four ways to keep the hackers out.

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Why Kaiser Permanente’s Health Care Model Works


We give you reasons why Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health care system, known as the Health Care Model, is a structure that even European countries are closely looking into as a model for their own healthcare systems.

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10 Ways Technology Boosts Healthcare Services


Technology has made it possible for breakthroughs in research and medicine to happen at a very fast rate. We have had more innovations in information gathering, research, treatments and communication between patients and the healthcare providers in the past decades than ever before. We came up with 10 ways technology boosts healthcare services. Take a look.

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